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Monday, 13 July 2009

Radical Nature

Is it possible to shift our mood on climate change? A new installation in Dalston aims to do just that.  Linked to the Radical Nature exhibit at the Barbican, the Dalston Mill has transformed an old railway line and subsequent wasteland into a 'fully-functioning' mill and wheat field, in an effort to cause people to realize that way we use land, produce food, and relate to one another, are all inextricably linked.  The origin of the installation is actually thousands of miles away in New York, where Agnes Denes' original wheat field juxtaposed against the Manhattan skyline provided an iconic image of environmentalism that will now be emulated in our very own Hackney.  The Dalston Mill is also providing workshops, theatre performances, bread-making, pedal-powered music, and tea-time talks with artists. How wonderful that the neighborhood is providing a means for people to ponder our effects on the planet!  Open daily from 2-10 PM.

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