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Friday, 10 July 2009

Our Second Home

The Old Shoreditch Station, located on the corner of Kingsland Road and Old Street, is undoubtedly an In the Neighborhood favorite, both day and night.  In fact, Jezebel and myself are sitting here (here being the station of course) at this very moment enjoying an iced green tea and toffee nut muffin whilst partaking in some excellent people-watching.  Set in the original railway station, the daytime atmosphere is perfect for internet browsing while the vibe at night is conducive for friendly encounters with some fantastic characters.  Like it's sister bar, (Jaguar Shoes) Old Shoreditch Station features monthly art exhibitions and on display this month is Ashley Lande's psychedelic 'Truth + Magical Love = Freedom'.  The staff is lovely, the couches are comfy, and the music will definitely have you dancing in your seat (isn't seated dancing the best?).

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