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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

City Escapes

It's always nice to know that when the city life becomes too much, there are places of serenity that can provide a temporary break.  When these places are also beneficial to the community as well, they should most certainly be recognised and praised.  Hackney City Farm  is one of these such places.  Hiding among the urban population, the farm boasts eco-friendly practices and is a fantastic place to take children and adults alike.  While I find myself especially fond of the pigs, the other animals that roam around the farm are certainly enjoyable as well.  There is also a lovely cafe on site, serving  wonderfully prepared meals using fresh seasonal ingredients.  

For more information, visit:


  1. keep up the good work....I'd visit there with you any time

  2. There is also quite a good one at Vauxhaul- Vauxhaul City Farm? perhaps, and, of course, the one at Mudchute which is fantastic....except for the young bull which decided it didn't like me and gave chase through the field. Not pleasant!


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